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Mindfulness and Meditation, Developing and Deepening Your Practice: Mindfulness and meditation are practices of self-exploration and discipline that can lead to a sense of wellbeing and an open acceptance of life. Through this progressive 8-week course, you will learn the basic concepts in meditation, along with various practices, from sitting meditation to guided meditation and visualization practices. You will also gain a conceptual understanding of how to apply these practices in your life. With a unique blend of Eastern thought and western science, this course will challenge you to break down your old habits of thinking and interacting with the world, allowing you to develop open awareness and adopt a relaxed responsiveness to your life.
Offered by Renée Pitts; MSEd, LPCC, CDCA

Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP): This eight week, after care program, integrates the cognitive-behavioral based relapse prevention with progressive instruction on mindfulness and meditation practices. The class is designed as an intervention to help manage or prevent relapse for individuals struggling with addictive behavior and process addictions. The strategies learned are designed to assist with alcohol, nicotine, and other substance use and behavioral disorders by teaching methods to cope with urges, cravings and triggers that result in relapse.

 Offered by Renée Pitts; MSEd, LPCC, CDCA



Beth provides various types of yoga classes at Blue Star Family Counseling multiple times per month. Check out her Facebook page for upcoming events.


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10 Minute Body Scan


Breath Meditation


Brief Sitting Meditation


Body Scan


Longer Sitting Meditation




SOBER Breathing Space


Sound Meditation


Tree Meditation


Urge Surfing


White Light Meditation


Expansion Meditation